A Music Street Journal Interview with Snoozy Moon:


“This is trippy, psychedelia at its best” – G.W. Hill, MUSIC STREET JOURNAL


“Snoozy Moon gives us a refreshing take on psychedelic music.  By combining a lot of different influences they have created an original and trippy sound”. – FUZZY DUCK

Said the Squirrel by Snoozy Moon


“This album is a trippy, fuzz-soaked journey into spacey realms”. – G.W. Hill, MUSIC STREET JOURNAL


“A psychedelic jam band that has paved its own way in the local music scene, Snoozy Moon offers not just a show, but an experience to be had”. – Greg Williams, IDAHO FALLS BOOKING COMPANY

“This 3 piece pumps out awesome early Floyd-esqe psychedelic rock that makes you feel like you took too many drugs in a big desert”. – Jordan Tiberius Thornton, THE STRUGGLE CLUB

“They have an awesome original vibe that takes you away from day to day monotony and immerses you into a colorful world of psychedelia. One of my favorite bands in general.” – Caleb Rosenkrance, HOT PURSUIT

“Snoozy Moon, psychedelic troopers from the netherworld.. excellently weird” – PALE PEOPLE

“Elements of jazz, rock and weirdness are blended in a swoon of varied time signatures, complex bass lines, modified organ sound using a homemade Leslie speaker cabinet, and an effected theremin”. – Jennifer K. Bauer, INLAND360.COM


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