“This is trippy, psychedelia at its best” – G.W. Hill, MUSIC STREET JOURNAL

“A psychedelic jam band that has paved its own way in the local music scene, Snoozy Moon offers not just a show, but an experience to be had”. – Greg Williams, IDAHO FALLS BOOKING COMPANY

“This 3 piece pumps out awesome early Floyd-esqe psychedelic rock that makes you feel like you took too many drugs in a big desert”. – Jordan Tiberius Thornton, THE STRUGGLE CLUB

“They have an awesome original vibe that takes you away from day to day monotony and immerses you into a colorful world of psychedelia. One of my favorite bands in general.” – Caleb Rosenkrance, HOT PURSUIT

“Snoozy Moon, psychedelic troopers from the netherworld.. excellently weird” – PALE PEOPLE

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Borrowing from progressive and experimental artists of the past and adding modern psych-pop sensibilities, Snoozy moon offers a new take on psychedelic music. Weaving between the dreamlike soundscapes and syncopated rhythms;  aspects of jazz, krautrock, ambient, progressive rock and electronic offer a listening experience that’s uniquely Snoozy moon.

The members of the band began playing together in Bellingham WA, but soon transitioned to SE Idaho where they promptly set about touring the surrounding area. In April 2016, Snoozy Moon released their self-titled first album and set off on a tour across the mid-west that would culminate in an appearance at Milwaukee Psych Fest. Now with a second album and corresponding tour under their belts, Snoozy Moon looks forward to the coming year with a spring tour and whisperings of a third album.


Andrew Peterson: Drums, Vocals
Mark Charles: Organ, Guitar, Theremin, Electronic Woodwind Instrument
Anna Rochelle: Bass



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